Mesocopper heals surgery wound

Mesocopper heals surgery wound

Postby Linda Moore » Sat Aug 14, 2004 4:56 am

A year ago, my 17 year old son had pilonidal cyst excision surgery. The doctor thought the cyst was small and once he removed it surgically, he planned to stitch the area closed. In surgery, the doctor found out the problem was extensive. My son had a LARGE wound that started from the top of the crack of the bottom going down. It was left open to heal from the bottom up, which means the wound had to be packed with dressing twice a day. So we had a home nurse come for a short time to pack the wound and then I learned how to do it. Two months after the surgery, there were two small areas left to heal but they just stopped healing.

So, a month later I took my son to a wound care center. They gave me Multidex powder to put in the areas and they started healing again. It took 3 months for the areas to completely fill in. Then we had another problem. Even though the tissue had filled in, a small area at the bottom of the wound always remained red and swollen. The wound care center applied silver nitrate to this area 3 different times but it did not help. I was getting worried because now the wound care center was out of ideas.

Since Mesocopper is supposed to be good for the skin and had gotten rid of my husband's hemorrhoids, I decided to try giving that to my son internally, giving him 1 tablespoon per day. I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't believe it, but the redness and swelling immediately began going away! Just 2 weeks after giving him Mesocopper, the red area was completely healed and looked normal. And we had spent three months trying to get rid of that red area. It took 9 months total to get my son completely healed, which means I was changing the dressings on him the whole time. I will be FOREVER grateful that Mesocopper finished his healing. That was 3 months ago, and it is wonderful to have my son healed and our lives back to normal again.
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