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Ninja Warrior Obstacle Training

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:13 pm
by smiling ninja
MesoGold gives me a calm and focused feeling as well as increased energy and awareness/reflexes which I need during ninja warrior training and competitions. I take 2-3 ounces before my workouts and it allows me to perform at a higher level. I feel more confident and in control when maneuvering the different ninja warrior obstacles. I also feel a great improvement with my brain functionality and memory. I'm able to read and understand better as well as focus on the task at hand. I will always have MesoGold in my system. I take 1 ounce 15 minutes before breakfast, 1 ounce 15 minutes before lunch and 2-3 ounces 15 minutes before my evening workout. My 12-year old daughter also takes 1 tablespoon before school and 1 tablespoon right before she trains or competes for ninja warrior. She also loves all the positive effects from taking MesoGold. I am forever grateful to Purest Colloids, Inc for creating a high quality product that works.