Good Bye Lyme Disease!

Good Bye Lyme Disease!

Postby byebyelyme » Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:59 am

I suspected I was suffering from Lyme Disease for quite some time; however, my tests continued to come back negative. Finally in 2015, I had a positive test. I tried conventional treatments, only to suffer from additional symptoms and ultimately had a major relapse. Symptoms included: fatigue/exhaustion, extreme neck stiffness, headaches every day, light and noise sensitivity, confusion, getting lost while driving, inability to concentrate, low back pain, extreme joint pain, peripheral vision problems, among others. After a failed conventional treatment, I went on the Lyme Disease protocol using MesoSilver and continued for 90 days. After two weeks, my symptoms were 75% gone. After one month, 90% gone and at this point, I am one month after completing the protocol and I am still symptom free!
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