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Why no proof of c/s anywhere on the web? No story from an MD or a research group of a cure?
There have been unorthodox cures for HIV. A black man used black seed and honey for 6 moths. He has proof of his cure.
There have been articles written on it. There is british man who was cured after 18 months on a "vitamin" therapy. He has
proof. Articles have been written on him.

Where the proof for C/S? I'm not saying its not possible. All I'm saying is that if you've been cured of HIV, why not share it with the world.
Do it anonymously like the Berlin patient did. For years no one knew his name. He had his doctor publish the results.

Also, I'm skeptical that any old silver will work. I've seen research on "home made" silver. It doesn't' work. The particle sizes are too big. Mesosilver has done research on it. I think its own their website. I read (somewhere) that Rice University had done a study on C/S. They found silver that had low ppm (< 300ppm) actual made things worst.

The only "research" I've read was published via U of Texas. It claimed only particles sizes between 1nm - 10nm worked. Most of the stuff that's out there is in the 100+ nm range, especially the home made variety. The theory is that 1nm-10nm particles of silver interfere with the gp120 protein on the surface of the virus. The virus needs this protein to work in order to infect. But the thing is this would prevent an infection. It wouldn't cure.

To get a cure, the virus would have to killed inside infected cells. So the size of silver has to be small enough to enter into a cell. Silver also will have to have the unique property that it kills infected cells and leaves healthy cells alone. But there is no research on this.


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Even I have heard about role of silver. I think only people with deep pockets would be able to fund the further research. Unless the list of HIV positive celebrities and politicians grows further, serious research won’t be carried out.
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Hi Rusee - please e-mail me at and let me know how you told your friends to administer the Colloidal Silver to their dying relative. What ppm was it and how many times a day and how many tbsp. or ml each time. I am desperate for help. I have just purchased my own colloidal silver generator and want to know how to take it. Pleeeasse help
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Hi there @ruseeingangels2 and @Andros I have been living with my partner for like 5 years now and since we got sexually intimate he's been overly/paranoid of getting protected. Which I never questioned not until he told me so because I just out of the blue asked him how come there were things we couldn't enjoy as partners where normal partners would easily (sexually) engage in. That was when he told me he was hiv+ and has been on antiretroviral drugs. I didn't get mad at him because I love him and I was there to support him all the way. My encounter with Colloidal Silver came by accident when my cat had the worst sores on at the back of her lower lip and when a friend who rescues stray animals told me to use Silver at first I was hesitant because veterinarians after consulting with them discredited its efficacy and said that its a metallic substance that you are administering to your pet. Still my friend insisted I use it after hearing testimonies from pet owners who had their dogs healed of parvo and distemper I decided to give it a try and it worked. Now, i got really curious and found myself in numerous websites (not one backed by medical proof or by the FDA) about the many uses of CS. I want to help my partner. I want him to be healed because I do believe in miracles but I can never take him to the hospital or to a doctor to administer the CS on him. How can I give the CS to him? what is the dosage? can he take it together with his current medication? I know my partner will be skeptical since he hasn't been off from his medication and asking him to stop his medication because of CS will take me time to convince him.

Please help me with this. You may reply here or at this email:

Thank you.
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Postby CSMANNA » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:19 pm

[quote="happytappin"]I was curious if anyone here that was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, took colloidal silver and then it cured them has any medical documentation? I mean when you went back to your doctor showing that you had been cured. What tests did he do? If you could show the test showing you were infected and then the test showing you were cured you'd become a national hero![/quote]
Just like any other virus your body defends itself and created antibodies so if you take the tests they have which detect for antibodies it will always show up positive just like syphilis. However your can rid your body of the copies the antibodies will still be there. Thats there job. I was diagnosed in 2014. i refused to take the medication they were trying to give me. i said there has to be another way so after six months of trying a few herbs and things my copy count went up not by much but i thought i was fighting it off. Doctor told me i needed to take the meds if i wanted to continue treatment so i swallowed my pride and took them three times a week and then down to once a week. i was undetectable within a month. so i wound up going to prison and i was still attempting to not take them but once a week. I went to the doctor one day who had told me before i left i had AIDS and that i had a cd4 count of 69 and my viral load was at 259 so i began to panic like omg but at that point i was waiting to go home so i could start my colloidal silver treatment i bought the Argentym 23 brand and took 8 ounces a day for a few weeks then i would just take shots of it once to twice a day after the first month still no meds that was January 2018 i went to get a regular check up in March and to my surprise all my labs were awesome Undetectable i wish i could post the results and i was normal everywhere. I take it everyday faithfully and won't stop its also good to douche with it in the anal cavity because the virus like to bury itself in places like that. i highly recommend anyone who has thought about it to definitely try it and stay off the meds that's what kills your liver and you. i recommend the soveirgn silver brand and remember the lower the ppm (parts per million) the better i buy the 10ppm and thats what i use daily. I am perfectly fine and never felt better. Stay strong guys and keep your heads up and you will make it trust me you guys rock keep spreading the word


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I know of someone with aids. Does CS really cure aids. Micheelle :lol:
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