Subacious Cyst

Subacious Cyst

Postby Hunter47 » Mon May 09, 2005 3:50 pm

Does anyone know if Colliodal Silver would work on a Subacious Cyst. I have had one slowly growing on the right side if my head just behind the temple area (about the size if a nickle). I haven't scheduled to have it taken care of yet but was told by a General Practioner that is was a Subacious Cyst. If anyone has had a simular type, I would be interested in hearing about which Colloidal Product and the way you administered the product.

I have used the Silver for an Ear infection and it worked really well. After a run with an Antibiotic they use for STD's the ear infection came back... I think these things are becoming immune to over prescribed Antibotics... The Silver knocked it out in about 3-4 days... as a side affect to beating the ear infection... From 20+ years of wearing combat boots in the field... I have that problem with nail fungus... I noticed I had new growth on my nails but did not try applying it topically... after reading up on the other posts... I think I will give it a try...

Thanks Fellow Forum Followers (TFFF) :)
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