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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 7:14 pm
by Glenn
I have been taking mesosilver for 3 weeks now and I have seen the miracles it does to relieve me from pneumonia. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks and have taken 2 courses of antibiotics, each for 7 days. The latest course was one of the strongest as what the Doctor told me and the frequency of taking it was every 6 hours. It somehow relieved me a bit after 1 week but still feel the presence of the symptoms in my system.

Until finally I found this mesosilver info from the net and didnt hesitate buying 2 bottles (500ml), although the cost of the freight from US to Hong Kong is quite expensive. I can now sleep well and live as normal again. I am taking the liquid through a nebulizer, 2x a day.

Thanks to the dedication of Purest Colloids to formulate this product!

As I feel relieved from pnuemonia, I tried to gradually withdraw from taking it down to once a day using a nebulizer and taking it orally instead, 2x a day. But symptoms like fever has surfaced again and I brought back the frequency to 2x a day through a nebulizer.

Can somebody advise me or the management of Purest Colloids as to when should I stop taking it with the aid of nebulizer, or should I increase the frequency of taking it until the virus or bacteria is eliminated from my system and proceed with the daily maintenance orally.

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Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong