yeast infection cleared up

yeast infection cleared up

Postby cwash » Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:40 pm

i have literally prayed about the Lord leading me to an alternative other than medicine like monistat & other doctor prescribed antibiotics which i was put on after dealing with a very irritating intense itch from a yeast infection i've been dealing with on & off for many years. I recently purchased the mesosilver from purest colloids about 2 weeks ago.I started taking 1tblespoon the next morning & later that day i started noticing the yeast clearing up. This is no exaggeration at all.I then started taking 2 tablespoons 2 see what would happen & i started 2 have a mild herxheimer reaction where i had mild soreness in my ribcage & mild flu-like symptoms but i remembered that purest colloids website said if you experience this that the infection or whatever you have in your body that's fungal viral or bacterial is a sign that the product is doing it"s job & yes it was.I have no more irritating intense itch.I also used the silver on my 17 yr old sons eye cause he developed a stye on his eye & it began 2 clear it up that same day.My husband experiences a bubbly stomach every night due 2 gas. After taking a tablespoon of the silver,that same night we both noticed how his stomach was not mking that gargley/bubbly sound. we've just been using the silver now for 3 weeks & have had phenomenal results.I thank God for these products.They r truly a blessing to my entire household.I don't plan on going to the doctor anymore for antibiotics for yeast because it's a waste of time & money.
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