manic-depression (bipolar disorder)

manic-depression (bipolar disorder)

Postby walter » Thu Jun 24, 2004 12:42 am

After Mesosilver cured my chronic fatigue syndrome, I was left with
a hefty case of depression. In part this came from my 8 years of
being unable to do much of anything due to my CFS--it's often said
that nobody dies from CFS except the victims who get so badly
depressed that they commit suicide. Mesogold was the obvious
tool to try for relief from this depressed state.

But I also had an underlying trait--bipolar disorder--that made me
subject to strong mood swings, from depression over to wild
elation, almost megalomania at times, and back again. I'd been
warned, by the purveyor of another brand of "colloidal" gold,
that I should beware lest colloidal gold relieve my depression
at the price of making my manic phases much worse.

Well, I can't say what that other product would have done, but
Mesogold performed beautifully! When I started at 4 tablespoons
per day, my depression was greatly relieved from the start,
without any increase in manic symptoms. After a few months,
the manic symptoms I had before Mesogold have disappeared,
instead of growing worse as I had feared.
And by increasing my dosage to 6 tablespoons a day I've
gotten rid of the physical lethargy my CFS left with me. That's
3 for 3, which is more than I had dared to hope for!

If Mesogold had not been available, I would not have dared to
try a colloidal gold treatment at all. As with silver, all the other
"colloidal" gold products I could find analyses of contained a
lot of ionic gold. While an ionic component in "colloidal" silver
will only waste your money and possibly turn your skin gray,
ionic gold can react with the salt in your system to form
gold chloride, a neurotoxin.

Walter; California
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Re: manic-depression (bipolar disorder)

Postby Cindy » Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:20 pm

I have bi-polar disorder. I am considering taking colloidal gold. I currently take Lamictal 200mg, Prozac 10mg & 10mg Abilify. Can anyone tell me if they have replaced their medication with colloidal gold?
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