Remarkable Improvement

Remarkable Improvement

Postby Dan Chesler » Mon Apr 26, 2004 6:48 pm

In 1991 (at age 25) I noticed a tiny callous on my index finger. I thought that it was due to how I held my pen, gripping it too tightly, etc. In about 1995, the tiny little "callous" had grown into a big "blob" of hardened skin. This was odd because I had been using a keyboard more and a pen less over the years. What was even odder was that this condition had spread to my middle finger. I realized this was not just a callous and in 1997 I visited a skin doctor here in south Florida. By this time, the skin was peeling, cracking, occasionally bleeding, and a similar if not worse condition had started showing up on the toes of both feet. The skin doctor prescribed cortizone (sp?) and skin moisturizer, and told me that I would have the condition (eczema) for the rest of my life. Pretty depressing news. I had to avoid getting my hands wet as much as possible, because exposure to water exacerbated the condtion. I pretty much resigned myself to living with the condition. About two months ago, I began using meso-silver and meso-copper on a very consistent basis. I spray my feet and hands each morning first thing upon waking. After the first coat of meso-silver dries, I spray again with the meso-copper and let dry. I also ingest a little of the silver orally. I do this routine about 3 times per day. The results are beyond spectacular. I have not had one single outbreak since begining this routine. And the condition of the skin is markedly improved. Remember, I have had this condition for 10 years, so the underlying skin has suffered considerable damage and I do not expect full recovery overnight. But in the short time I have been using these two products, the results have been amazing. I wake up each morning to look at the improvment to the skin on my feet and hands. I can say that it is changing my life. I feel like I have been given a "second chance" to lead a normal life. For anyone suffering from eczema, I would highly recomend trying these products. I was told by the doctors that there was no known cure for my condition. While I can not say that I am fully cured yet (it has only been two months) I can say that I feel as though I have come extremely close to being fully cured. I will continue to report my progress over the coming months on this forum. Eczema sufferers -- please take this seriously. I was looking into getting a prescription for tacrolimus (very expensive) before I discovered meso-silver and meso-copper combination. There is no way I could be getting better results with prescription medication than the results I am getting with the silver/copper combo.
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Postby Guest » Sun Aug 01, 2004 8:33 pm

My daughter was diagnosed with Eczema at the age of 2.... she has had it on her hands and feet.... I was wanting to know, if anyone knows if it would be harmful for a 7 year old to use mesosilver topically?

Postby Linda Moore » Wed Aug 04, 2004 9:02 am

Information at the Purest Colloids website says:

"Can Mesosilver and Mesogold be given to infants and children? Yes. As a general rule dosage should be adjusted for the reduced body weight of children and infants. Dosage of one teaspoon for every 70 pounds of body weight is generally appropriate."

If it can be given internally to children, it could certainly be used topically. Various members of our family have used it topically and never had any problem at all.
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Re: Remarkable Improvement

Postby Lone Ranger » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:47 pm

Having eczema has put me through a lot. I can only imagine how happy and relieved you are to finally have it under control. You didn't mention anything about it itching like crazy. I, at one point, had it all over both my legs. It was one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with. It seems to take forever to clear up. Now, whenever a spot appears that itches, I FREAK OUT !!!!! I only have one little spot by my ankle bone, but it frightens me to think it will start up again. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go through what I did. I just wanted to scratch and scratch and scratch and it only made me want to SCRATCH HARDER! Then the bleeding from scratching would start and I would get in the shower and put hot hot water on my legs. It was horrible.

I am going to try this MesoSilver for my eczema. I'll let you know how it goes. I hope it's not too expensive. I joined this site because I have just now been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and someone told me to check into the colloidal silver. It looks like maybe colloidal platinum is the way to go for that. I'll try anything like this cause they're telling me I need to a hysterectomy done and I have never had any surgery except to get my tubes tied. I don't mind saying I'm a little frightened. At age 55 this ole gal looks pretty damn good and I want to keep my good score of zero surgeries. I have been in such good health till now.........DAMN IT !!! Mary P.S. I THINK I'M GONNA LOVE THIS SITE
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