Remarkable Improvement

Remarkable Improvement

Postby D. C. Florida » Fri Jun 18, 2004 1:59 pm

In 1991 (at age 25) I noticed a tiny callous on my index finger. I thought that it was due to how I held my pen, gripping it too tightly, etc. In about 1995, the tiny little "callous" had grown into a big "blob" of hardened skin. This was odd because I had been using a keyboard more and a pen less over the years. What was even odder was that this condition had spread to my middle finger. I realized this was not just a callous and in 1997 I visited a skin doctor here in south Florida. By this time, the skin was peeling, cracking, occasionally bleeding, and a similar if not worse condition had started showing up on the toes of both feet. The skin doctor prescribed cortizone (sp?) and skin moisturizer, and told me that I would have the condition (eczema) for the rest of my life. Pretty depressing news. I had to avoid getting my hands wet as much as possible, because exposure to water exacerbated the condtion. I pretty much resigned myself to living with the condition. About two months ago, I began using meso-silver and meso-copper on a very consistent basis. I spray my feet and hands each morning first thing upon waking. After the first coat of meso-silver dries, I spray again with the meso-copper and let dry. I also ingest a little of the silver orally. I do this routine about 3 times per day. The results are beyond spectacular. I have not had one single outbreak since begining this routine. And the condition of the skin is markedly improved. Remember, I have had this condition for 10 years, so the underlying skin has suffered considerable damage and I do not expect full recovery overnight. But in the short time I have been using these two products, the results have been amazing. I wake up each morning to look at the improvment to the skin on my feet and hands. I can say that it is changing my life. I feel like I have been given a "second chance" to lead a normal life. For anyone suffering from eczema, I would highly recomend trying these products. I was told by the doctors that there was no known cure for my condition. While I can not say that I am fully cured yet (it has only been two months) I can say that I feel as though I have come extremely close to being fully cured. I will continue to report my progress over the coming months on this forum. Eczema sufferers -- please take this seriously. I was looking into getting a prescription for tacrolimus (very expensive) before I discovered meso-silver and meso-copper combination. There is no way I could be getting better results with prescription medication than the results I am getting with the silver/copper combo.
D. C. Florida

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