Temporary neurological improvement

Temporary neurological improvement

Postby Yosemite1967 » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:39 pm

A surgeon accidentally cut a nerve when removing my wife's tonsils and adenoids when she was little, and she hadn't been able to smell hardly anything since that time.

Two days after she first started taking colloidal gold that I made myself, her sense of smell returned in full! She was calling me every five minutes at work to tell me things like: "I can smell the soap!" "I can smell the garbage!" "I can smell the fish tank!"

I asked her to stop taking it for a while, to see if her sense of smell would go away again. A couple of days after stopping colloidal gold consumption, her sense of smell stopped working again.

Again, I had her start taking it, and, after a couple of days, her sense of smell returned in full. What an exciting discovery for us!

Has anyone else seen any similar things occur? I am very curious to find out whether colloidal gold could possibly return feeling to parts of the body where nerves have been severed from operations, accidents, etc.

Homemade colloidal gold

Postby Kimchiman » Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:42 pm

You mentioned that you made your own colloidal gold. Would you might sharing with us how you did this? And if you know about what percentage of it is metallic particles versus ionic, that information would also be greatly appreciated.

I'm sure that the 'Meso'colloids, etc are of fine quality, but if there is a way to make the same (or almost the same) thing at home for a small fraction of the cost of buying it, then common sense dictates that I should at least give it a try.

Please tell us how you did it, so that we also can try to do it.

Many thanks.

Al Roy
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Re: Home-Made Colloidal Gold

Postby Yosemite1967 » Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:21 pm

Sorry--that's an ancient, Chinese (trade) secret. I will say, though, that my method is cheaper, easier, and less dangerous (though still more dangerous than making colloidal silver) than any other of which I've heard.
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