How Mesometals Work - My Well Educated Guess

How Mesometals Work - My Well Educated Guess

Postby sacredmath » Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:21 am

In 1898, Gustave LeBon, a world renowned psychiatrist and Scientist published two of the most important books regarding his monumental discoveries: Evolution of Forces and Evolution of Matter. His book: The Crowd was about the psychology of crowds, in the field of psychology, it was also a monumental work. My good friend, Gregory Bateson used to tell me about LeBon's book on crowds.

Lebon's books were all about radio activity, infrared radiation and metallic colloids. After the "Manhattan Project", the US Government removed all copies of Lebon's Evolution books from every library in the world. Fortunately, they removed the copies from the Library of Congress last. I was able to check the books out and copy them before they disappeared.

His chapters on metallic colloids were particularly interesting. He made colloidal silver and gold by creating electric arcs between the electrodes under water. That was when I first made colloidal gold and silver by duplicating his procedures. Mind you, these colloids were not anywhere close to the quality of Mesosilver and Mesogold.

The interesting conclusion the Lebon made about this new form of metallic colloidal matter was that these metallic particles behaved like many of the known enzymes, acting as catalysts, promoting biological chemical reactions without being used up in the reactions. A description of a true catalyst. He also observed that these new metallic forms of matter lost virtually all the properties of the parent elements and took on entirely new properties.

My good friend G. Harry Stine,who was my handler when I worked for a Pentagon Think Tank in the early 1960's told me I should put "Encyclopedic Synthesist" on my business cards because I had a photographic memory and had encyclopedic knowledge from multiple scientific disciplines. So here his my encyclopedic synthesis on mesocolloids:

The mesocolloids may act as multiple enzyme catalysts in the living system. Mesoplatinum, among other things, may stimulate NGF or Nerve Growth Factor, stimulating neurological bypasses neural circuits around damaged neural lesions. Mesogold, among other things, acts to stimulate glial cell production in the brain, increasing neural networks. The only difference between Einstein's brain and ordinary brains is that Einstein had more glial cells. When we take Mesogold, it increases IQ by increasing the speed of neurological communications, thereby increasing the efficiency of the brain.

As I have aged, at the age of 68 this year [2012], I have been very concerned because I was losing the ability to pull up my photographic memories from childhood. Recent memories were not a problem. My old photographic memories were getting harder to access. Let's say I would try and access a memory and it took a lot of time time to access those files. Sometimes it took days before the memory was accessed. Some of my memories could not be accessed at all. I am now happy to report to the forum, that I am once again able to access virtually all of my memories rapidly and am improving daily as a result of taking Mesoplatinum, Mesogold, Mesosilver, Mesocopper and Mesozinc.  Thank you so much Mr. Frank Key.
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