Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

Postby Dianne E » Wed Jun 02, 2004 10:51 am

Hot flashes were keeping me awake for hours at night. I’d wake up miserable and unable to get back to sleep.

One of the topics of conversations among my friends revolves around the symptoms related to menopause, including the dreaded hot flash. Although we try to make light of the situation by adding an element of humor, it isn’t a funny matter. I realized the solution to stop the nighttime occurrence of hot flashes when I identified that I wasn’t suffering from symptoms throughout the day after taking a morning dosage of Mesogold.

The first evening that I took a teaspoon of Mesogold before going to bed, I woke pleasantly surprised the next morning after sleeping uninterrupted and fully rested. I was skeptical at first but now feel comfortable providing my testimony considering I have slept without suffering the unbearable effects of a hot flash for the past couple of weeks. All it took for me was a teaspoon of mesogold. I must admit I still wake in the mornings amazed that I actually slept so well the night before. The mornings look brighter when you feel well rested, at least they do for me!

Dianne E.
Westminster, Colorado
Dianne E

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