Warts on my dog

Warts on my dog

Postby Happy Yogi » Mon Jun 14, 2004 9:32 am

I adopted an old dog who had warts growing in her eyelid. Because they were in such a sensitive area I didn't want to put any traditional wart remedies...until I heard about Colloidals and what they can do for viruses.

I tested colloidals first on my eyes and they were fine...and started dripping some colloidals (using an eye dropper) onto the warts and...guess what? The other day....her biggest wart came off! We are so thrilled and I am happy she was rid of this menace.

I can't say for certain that it was the colloidals...but it was the only remedy I used for her both topically and orally (did give her some orally as well). Since it was the only remedy and it is known for it's anti-viral effects it may have done the job! I really like how it didn't bother her at all whether taking it orally or topically. A colloidal gel would be nice...are you listening Mesosilver?

I am also putting dropper fulls regularly into her ears, after cleaning (Cocker's are notorious for yeasty ears) to keep them infection free.
Happy Yogi

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