Heals Burns

Heals Burns

Postby Lauri Cole » Thu Jun 10, 2004 5:28 pm

I use Mesosilver for all kinds of burns, including sunburn, and cooking burns from the stove. The other day my son burned his foot on a barbecue pit. I sprayed on the Mesosilver and the burned healed immediately. It’s really great on burns of all kinds.

Lauri Cole
Chula Vista, CA
Lauri Cole

Postby KK » Thu Jun 10, 2004 5:28 pm

I am a nurse and work in a hospital. One night, a tea light I had burning in a glass holder in my entertainment center just flared up for no reason```` into a 12” roaring flame. To keep it from igniting the entertainment center, I grabbed it and ran with it into the kitchen and tossed it in the sink. The combination of the hot glass, the flame itself and the burning wax gave me a severe burn along my entire thumb and forefinger and the skin in between them. The tissue was burned way down deep; I’d say it was at least a 2nd degree burn. The pain was so intense, that I had to keep the hand in ice water for a half hour to even be able to bear it. Being a nurse, I had some basic supplies on hand, so I wrapped the two fingers and the next morning unwrapped them to discover a huge blister running the length of both fingers. I removed the fluid with a syringe, injected some Mesosilver and re-bandaged the hand. The next day when I unwrapped it, I was completely amazed: the blister was healed and the skin had reattached itself and stayed attached. This is unheard of with a water blister! Not only did the blister completely heal, but it is also completely scar free, which is also amazing. When I showed the burn to a woman at work the day after it happened, her comment was, “That’s going to leave a terrible scar.” When I showed it to her a week later, she couldn’t believe anything burned that bad could heal that completely with no scarring. It blew her away and it blew me away! It still amazes me.

Kate Krenshaw
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healed my burn

Postby hms » Wed Oct 11, 2006 5:41 pm

A good friend has been telling me about the great health benefits of colloid products for more than 18 months now. Because of my cautious nature , I've put off trying them. If this sounds like you, read on.

The other night, after pouring boiling water into a mug for my tea, I bumped my arm and spilled half of its contents onto my bare chest. My friend has told me numerous times about the use of Mesosilver for treatment and pain relief from burns. I had nothing to lose and was certain the skin in this sensitive area would blister or scar . Having a sample bottle on hand, I saturated the area, spraying every few minutes because the cool mist gave some pain relief .

In about 15 ninutes, I felt so much better but the skin was still red. I kept the Mesosilver by my bed and sprayed 2 more times during the night; by morning there were no signs of my terrible scald. Since then, I keep spray bottles in the kitchen, vanity cabinet and car.

Ruth Sosa
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Third degree burns completely healed

Postby jimbalkus » Thu Oct 12, 2006 7:29 am

I weld for a living so I'm not new to getting burned. It's just a job hazard. so Id been using mesosilver on and off with good results when last year while trying to cook on the grill I had an unexpected misshap, the grill blew up in my face I was just quick enough to turn away from the blast and keep from taking the hole explosion in my face, as a result I my left arm took the brunt of it. the left side of my face was very red from the flame and stung like the worst sun burn you could get, my arm was burned pretty bad, skin was missing or hanging off the out side of my bicept, the lower part of shoulder had what looked like a 2" sized poped blister and the top of my shoulder had a 1" bilster I immediately sprayed mesosilver to all my burns and to my suprise the pain and stinging subsided greatly enough to where I could finnish dinner.
for the next day I sprayed mesosilver on my burns every hour or so whenever the burns started to bother me I did not rap or bandage my burn at all I just sprayed mesosilver on them and keeped the burns clean.
for the next week I sprayed mesosilver on my burn 3 to 5 times a day or when ever the burns started to bother me.
After the first week I stared to notice that most of the pain was gone, my face was completey healed and the burns on my arm were starting to heal nicely. I never bothered to bandage them.
at the end of the 3rd week all but the worst one was healed and that one was scabed over and healing nicely.
It has been a year since that happend and ther is no scars what so ever just a little discoloration on my bicept. I still can't beleave just how well mesosilver works.

Jim Balkus, New Jersey
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Re: Heals Burns

Postby MamaZ » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:14 am

I am a RN. My daughter had burned the palm of her hand late summer of 2017. At least 2nd if not 3 degree burns. Treated it with everything from aloe vera, coconut oil, probiotics etc and it remained red, cracked, open in some places. I was beginning to think she would need skin grafting. In March of 2018 I ran across Purevon colloidal silver. Found it on the Health wyze web site and they had a cream called 'Burn Genie'. I ordered it; a mixture of aloe vera gel and colloidal silver. Wow I wish I had taken before and after pics it healed it within using it a month. We continue to apply periodically to continue to reduce the pink scarring of the skin but no cracks full flexibility of the palm. I keep a jar on hand all the time and use it on any open skin wounds; even acne it works great!!! a believer!!
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