Thank you

Thank you

Postby Rpbert Weaver » Thu Jun 10, 2004 6:56 pm

A dear friend of ours, Portia Battista, also living here in Vegas, related to you my apparent success, at least at this point of being free of the virus causing acne rosecea.

First , let me state that I had emailed you over a year ago telling you how skeptical I was over what some related to me what was a " snake oil treatment " for shingles, and how I agreed to try your colloidal silver for no other reason than to prove to my wife that this would just be another useless " tonic " like some of the other remedies suggested by well meaning friends. So I did take internally and topical the silver and not only did I discover my shingles disappeared but also the horrible congestion in my throat which caused me to nearly constantly clear my throat. You had asked me at that time if you could use that as a testimonial to which I did not respond, sorry.

But now I must respond. I have been off of tetracycline for 84 days. Please let me explain. I am not writing this to help make someone in this col. silver business more sales. If it does that, that is o.k. too, but the real reason I am telling you this is that it can help others like me to get away from this horrible malady. And if anyone does not think that acne rosacea is a horribly disfiguring, embarrassing disease to be afflicted with, just bring it up on the web and observe the disfigurement it can cause.

I was diagnosed in 1973 as having Lupus Erythematosus and treated by a Dr. in WA. for a time and then unable to arrest the problem of swollen nose with pustules all over it. I tried treating it topically with hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic jells, etc. Then I was referred to a dermatologist in Olympia WA who said that tests showed that it was acne rosacea and not lupus and the real treatment was to take tetracycline the rest of my life or until such time that some other treatment was discovered. That was 27 years ago and I have been on that antibiotic for all that time except for the periodic trial of not taking it in the hopes that it might have gone away. Always, after about 4 days my nose and face would swell, become very red and break out with pustules again, so back to the meds. Only after a week or so of doubling up on the antibiotic some days, would my nose become anywhere near normal. Well to shorten the story, in order to have my arrhythmia meds and tetracycline prescriptions renewed (I had enrolled in a HMO plan and had to change DR`s) and after being examined by him he said I had atrial fib. and the arrhythmia med was not necessary that I must go on coumaden and so when going off the arrhythmia med I thought I might just as well give the going off of tetracycline another try,

which I did and it has now been 84 days and absolutely no sign of my rosecea returning. I can only attribute this to the Colloidal silver which I must take on a frequent basis for the control of the junk in my throat so that I don't drive my wife nuts from constant throat clearing. I brought up the rosecea web site and wanted to tell them of this, but chose to wait longer to make sure I would not give someone false hopes. The Rosacea society has sent me monthly bulletins and the bottom line has always been that there is no cure, only certain life styles to conform to, such as no caffeine, alcohol, spices, sunlight and on and on. I live in Vegas, plenty of sun, and all the other no no's which I now enjoy, and I only hope that silver could do the same for others if they could only give it an honest try. It has been nice talking to you, and if there is anything I can do or say in this regard, please feel free to use all or any part of this email to help others, and if just one can gain relief from this I will consider it a blessing.
your friend,

Robert Weaver

Robert Weaver Update: 4/12/01

I want to write you for two reasons, first of all I now have been off of tetracycline for acne rosacea for 102 days and still no sign whatsoever of the thing returning and am I ever elated. For 27 years, the first thing in the morning was to pop a capsule of tetracycline and now, nothing. The second reason, equally important to me and perhaps you, is that I gave you the wrong email address and I made a mistake in doing that which was my wife's address. So please change the email address on the testimonials to

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Rpbert Weaver

i think i may have that

Postby bstaley » Tue Sep 14, 2004 5:38 pm

I have this persistant rash on my cheeks and the backs of my arms. it looks like acne but its red and comes in patches. i just recently stumbled across these products and was wondering if this sounds like what you have. it can't hurt to try the silver, i'll let you know. thanks for the info.
Brenna Staley

Re: Thank you

Postby bobby446 » Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:56 pm

A man named R.Weaver posted that Mesosilver cured his problem with Rosacea, inflammation and nasal postules, does anybody have any idea how many tablespoons a day it takes to cure something like that. I have the exact problem he had. Help please.
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