It works!

It works!

Postby Dr. Bill » Thu Jun 10, 2004 7:10 pm

I had a few skin tags on my neck that were becoming irritated at the collar line. I sprayed the Mesosilver on the skin tags twice the day I got the bottle. I was then gone for a day, and then used it twice the next day, which was a Sunday. But Sunday night, the skin tags were gone, and they have not come back since. Quite simply: It works!

Dr. Bill Biagioli, N.MD
Florence, South Carolina
Dr. Bill

Postby Al Little » Mon Jul 05, 2004 4:55 pm

Mesosilver made my skin tags get smaller and smaller and now they’ve disappeared completely!

Al Little, Age 67
Albany, New York
Al Little

Ineffective on skin tags

Postby Venus » Tue Oct 24, 2006 9:21 pm

I've been ingesting 1 teaspoon of Mesosilver a day and spray once in the morning after a shower and once at night before bed, letting it fully dry before throwing clothes on, and my skin tags are well, still tagging my neck and chest. There hasn't been a perceptible reduction at all.

Mesosilver has been effective in eliminating blackheads, but the pustulant acne on my face remain painful, large, and ever-present entities.

Everyone is different. Mr. Bill is fortunate. My doctor offered cryotherapy, but because it is cosmetic, it is not covered under my medical insurance.
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Skin Tags

Postby christi953 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 7:34 pm

I can attest to this. My mom had an awful skin tag on her neck and another "growth" on the side of her nose by her eye. The skin tag on her neck was surgically removed by a doctor but returned. She had success with silver with irritations in her mouth due to dentures and I told her to put some on the skin tag. Within a few days she told me that it disappeared and has yet to return (silver did what the doctor could not). I told her to try the growth near her eye -- it looked like a mole. I noticed one day that it had disappeared. I asked her about it and she said she had applied it and within a few days (I mean she had this thing for a few years) it was GONE!!!

Everyone is different but I am only saying what I have seen with my own two eyes and on someone who I see quite often.
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