Wound that wouldn't heal

Wound that wouldn't heal

Postby Al Little » Mon Jul 05, 2004 5:13 pm

I had an open wound on the left side of my neck that just would not heal. I had the problem for a few years, and within a few days of spraying it with Mesosilver and also some Mesocopper, the wound closed and healed. Now it just looks like a slight scar.

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Al Little

Cut that turned into wound-flesh eating bacteria

Postby Tonyasmith » Thu Apr 21, 2005 9:14 am

My mother while in Maine contracted a bacteria from a lake while swimming. She had a small cut on her foot that got red and seemed to be getting worse. It turned into a circle with small blisters and a darker area and kept getting larger. After several weeks it was so bad that a dermatologist wanted her to take liver damaging antibiotics. He was fearful and had no idea what the problem was.
After speaking with my mom I called my uncle who always uses natural treatments. He reffered me to Purest Colloids and Meso Silver. I ordered the product and had it shipped to my mom, after using the product topically and by mouth she saw a sugnifigant change right away. The swelling in her toes started to go down and she was feeling better within a few days. The wound took a few weeks to heal because of the severity. We really thought she would loose her foot.
This product works, it healed completly and never returned. Also my mother saved a lot of money on doctors that did not know where to turn next. It is a true God send!! :D
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