Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

Postby Linda Shouldice » Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:14 pm

My son suffered two traumatic brain injuries (TBI's)--one in August of 2000 at age 20 and the other sixteen months later in December of 2001 at age 21. The first TBI required a left craniotomy and the second a right craniotomy.

As result of the second TBI, he was initially left paralyzed on his right side but eventually, through extensive rehabilitation and much hard work at the gym, he regained substantial use of his right side. He was left with a hyper-extending right knee and footdrop. His right hand served only as a "helper" hand. His memory was quite impaired and he couldn\'t express himself as fluently as normal.

His healing had slowed to a snail's pace when I discovered colloidal gold and platinum in August of 2005. It sounded like something that could really help him, so he started taking it at the end of August. The results have been almost miraculous!

The first thing he noticed, only a few days after beginning the use of the colloidal products, was that he could now walk right up to the microwave and immediately punch the appropriate buttons without repeated tries and with the appropriate force to activate them. We were simply amazed!

The increasing strength and coordination of his right side were truly amazing. His right hand is now actively involved in his everyday activities and no longer shakes when holding something at arm's length. He can carry drinks or anything elsle without fear of spilling or dropping them.

His walking has improved tremendously. He is much more stable on his feet and can walk almost normally as the hyper-extension and footdrop are both very much under control and continue to improve.

Approximately four to six weeks after taking the colloidal gold and platinum, he realized his dream of running again. As he says, "it isn't pretty", but he was running. I am sure that it is much better by now.

His memory has improved dramatically and he doesn't have any trouble expressing himself anymore.

He started by taking 2T/day, then increased to 3T/day, and then increased to 4T/day for awhile. Improvement was rapid and dramatic but seemed to plateau from time to time but would take off again in time.

He has not experienced any negative side effects that we are aware of from using the colloidal gold and platinum. He continues to take approximately 2T to 3T/day and continues to improve. We feel very blessed that he has access to these wonderful products!')

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