My yeast infection story and how I curred it ...

My yeast infection story and how I curred it ...

Postby ehsan » Mon Apr 26, 2004 4:10 pm

Here's my personal story - and why this forum is provided here FREE OF CHARGE to 'hopefully' help you, just like I was helped.

Most of my life I have been relatively healthy. I was an athlete for the nearly 7 years, from the age of 10 until 17, often swimming 4-6 hours per day. I am now in my late 30s and for the last few years, I have played a mean RACKETBALL. So I felt fit and strong.

In the last couple of years prior to my condition, I have somewhat neglected proper food intake (non-junk) and in particular suffered from 'sleeping' regularly with proper deep sleep rest.

One day, after a few days of intense work out, I started to experience pain in my left testical.

After I visited my doctor, I was given some antibiotics (Cypro) for 12 days and was told to come back in couple of weeks. The pain slowly disappeared in the first 4 days of the treatment. Then once the 12 days was over, the pain came back with vengence.

I was then put on another 2-3 weeks by a specialist Urologist. He suspected that it was some kind of infection, and antibiotics was the answer. I went back again in 3 weeks, and my treatment was extended again for another 3 weeks. By this time, obviously, I had not confidence in any doctors, or urologists, or anyone in the medical profession - since I had gone to at least 3 specialists and 4 doctors and 2 emergency doctors.

One thing I learned was that - YOU have to fend for yourself, since doctors often know only a little bit more than you. It was very frustrating, mostly because they are contridicted each other.

Prostatitis/Epididymitis is defined as an Inflamation and/or Infection of the Prostate, has been called the most neglected area of modern medicine, yet most men have some degree of it. Urologists have been very unsuccessful, treating prostatitis mainly with antibiotics, which sometimes make it worse. Recurrence is the norm for millions of men due to an immune system compromised by antibiotics. This what my Urologist said - word-by-word. I was even more scared, first the specialist tells me that modern science doesn't understand it, then he tells me there is no real proven cure or treatment. He said, we just prescribe antibiotics and hope that it goes away before we have to do more tests.

After my weeks and weeks of antibiotics, I started getting severe Yeast infection.

Well, this was just icing on the cake. I was just so pi$$ed off and utterly frustrated.

Then, obviously due to low immune strength, I started getting Urinary Track Infection. Now at this time, I am just wonder what the he!! to do.

I started taking MesoSilver Colloids.

Although I had never gotten any form of supplements, I was desparate enough to want to try anything, but not ready to give up and put my feet up.

Starting on Friday noon on MesoSilver, by Monday morning the UTI was gone. Within one week the Yeast infection went (and thank god it didn't come back). I think all the antibiotics I took, must have dealt with the original infection.

Here's my opinion based on my case:

1. Never believe what one doctor tells you, and always get another opinion until you feel comfortable.

2. Always remember that you are YOUR own best doctor, i.e. listen to your doctor, do some research, go back and ask questions from your doctor again, and do more research, talk to as many people in that specialist field that you can, and do more research.

3. Try supplements such as MesoSilver (Colloidal Products) if you think that you are ok with trying it. I found Purest Colloids to be the best and very helpful and a nice company to deal with. Avoid ionic Silver at all cost.

4. MOST important, do not give up. There is an answer out there, and just because others have not yet found it, it does not mean that you won't find it.

5. When you do find an answer, share it with others that are going through the same thing. That way they don't suffer as much as you did.

This is devoted to all those that have doctors that don't make sense.
Drugs are not all good. Colloids are often much better.
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Postby Peggy Radcliffe » Thu May 27, 2004 10:18 am

My elderly mother, who has Alzheimer’s, suffers from reoccurring yeast infections. She is very sensitive to antibiotics, but the doctors would put her on either a 7-day treatment regimen or give her a prescription for clotrimazole-beta. They are strong drugs and would clear up the infection, but then it would come right back. Since she’s been taking Mesosilver, her yeast infection has completely cleared up and hasn’t come back.

Peggy Radcliffe
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Peggy Radcliffe

Postby J. Carnes » Thu May 27, 2004 10:19 am

I’ve been taking Mesosilver on a regular basis for the last few months and just recently in more intensity because I’ve had a yeast infection for pretty much all of my life. I was born with thrush, which I got from my mother, and then I had an accident which bruised my foot very badly when I was a teenager. The bruise went away, but shortly thereafter I started breaking out with yeast bubbles in that same area. The yeast was simply attacking where I was weak. I struggled with that for some time, at one point a nurse told me it looked like eczema. I was squeezing puss out of these bubbles and it spread all over my foot and I even got some breaking out on my hands! For 2 years I had to wear socks all the time to prevent spreading it to my other foot or anyone else. I changed bandages and socks frequently because of this terrible yeast problem. I tried all sorts of things; I finally took acidophilus regularly as a supplement to hold the yeast at bay by replacing the good bacteria in my intestines. Occasionally it would flare up in a few bubbles and I had to up the dosage and apply bandages to the area, I also used fungal cream on my feet everyday whether I broke out or not. I never had enough money to buy all yeast-free products and continue supplementing with garlic, oregano, acidophilus, colostrum and a number of other things that would clean out my system. I could never afford to do all of these things all at the same time. Anytime I got a high-quality acidophilus and overdosed on it, more bubbles broke out than before, and some appeared on old scars. Anywhere I have a scar on my body a bubble has popped up there one time or another-they just go for the weak spots. Even on surgical scars I’m susceptible to breakouts! These breakouts were a way of telling me that my body is attempting to eliminate the yeast (bad bacteria) through my skin (which is an excretory organ as well as the bowels) as a result I would also “happen” to break out with more acne than usual. This could simply be described as a healing crisis, where your symptoms reach a pivotal point of high frequency during healing treatment before finally finishing and being completely healed. I’m sure this is only in extreme cases. I had never had a vaginal yeast infection that I knew of, until I was about to be married and had to have a pap smear. It turned out that I had a vaginal yeast infection and didn’t know it; I believe this is because the yeast was so deep in my body that it never surfaced enough to actually give me symptoms like terrible itching and burning. That’s why my “athlete’s foot” was unlike any other because it didn’t burn-only itch with pussy bubbles that could spread to any part of the body when popped. So once I was married I found myself constantly fighting vaginal yeast infections. Just about every month I was going through the Monistat 7. Finally, a few months ago, I got the usual Monistat 7 and it didn’t work! I tried Monistat 1 and that didn’t do a thing! I went to the doctor and they suggested an internal (24 hr) pill, but when they found that I was breast-feeding my baby, they said it probably wouldn’t be a good idea (that gave me the hint, if it’s not good for the baby, it probably isn’t so good for me either!). So, the doctors couldn’t do anything! Colloidal Silver was my last hope! I began taking it regularly 1 tbsp 3 times a day and the yeast infection started fighting back with itching (more like a normal woman’s vaginal yeast infection) so I knew it was on it’s way out. Then I began using a tampon soaked with mesosilver 3 times a day. It really began fighting back, now! As the bad bacteria began to exit my system through the intestines, I got a bladder infection. It was so excruciatingly painful; I took several hot baths that first day to ease the pain and tripled my current mesosilver intake. Within 8 hours my fever was gone, the pain dramatically reduced and I only needed to urinate about every 2 hours rather than every 2 minutes. The next day I had an aching body so I rested a lot and continued the rigorous mesosilver intake. By the next morning it was gone! I felt great! So I went back to fighting the yeast infection with the regular 1 tbsp 3 times a day and silver-soaked tampons, this is where I am at this point, It would probably work faster if I stopped eating yeasty foods and sugar, but I haven’t done that, yet. The itching in the vagina is reducing, but the bubbles are breaking out in various places all over my body, mostly on scars; so this is a definite sign that it’s almost gone. I’ll keep you updated as to when it is totally gone.

Jessalynn Carnes
J. Carnes

Postby Policeman » Thu May 27, 2004 10:20 am

My wife is doing very well on the Mesosilver, which has cleared up her yeast infections. She takes two tablespoons every day and is doing great.

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