Fibromyalgia & Allergies

Fibromyalgia & Allergies

Postby tmizzee1 » Tue Jun 08, 2004 6:29 pm

My fibromyalgia began to manifest itself in 1994 after having nearly lost my then 4 year old son to Wilm's Tumor in 1991. I live in Syracuse, New York where the winters are brutal. As a child I suffered from many food allergies (nuts, certain legumes like green peas, chick peas, navy etc.) wheat, soy, also allergic to dust, pollen, mold, grass and too many other things to mention. I would have numerous trips to the emergency room to endure injections of epinephrine, prednisone and benedryl (all of these treatment therapies I would be treated with several times in my adult life) Sometimes I wonder if my symptoms are stess related-- along with an overburdened weakend immune system from the countless overprescriptions of antibiotics from doctors who look for a quick fix as opposed to truly caring to get to the root cause of the systemic disorders. (Ha I guess they leave that up to the scientifice community!) -- it is something to have to live in pain every single day. I have dreaded suffering from the aches, pains, headaches, excrutiating hip and back pain. Numbness, tingling of the face and extremeties, gastro disorders, Sgrogens, and the list goes on and on. Whatever you want to call this post traumatic stress, viral, bacterial, autoimmune-candida rooted syndrome it's a rotten affliction. I have many chemical sensitivities also , so I became desperate to find a natural alternative to the medications that are pushed by the doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Mesosilver is just wonderful!

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