pancreapic and liver cancer

pancreapic and liver cancer

Postby sewingwhiz » Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:02 pm

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on August 4th of 2006 when I had my sister take me to the hospital because I couldn’t stand the pain any longer. I hadn’t been feeling well for quite some time, but the doctors did a colonoscopy and didn’t find anything, so nothing more was done. When my sister took me to the hospital, they took x-rays and discovered the cancer in my pancreas, and also some areas in my liver.

The doctors told me that without treatment, I had about six months to live so I was scheduled for chemotherapy. Even with treatment, the prognosis usually isn’t great, so when my cousin told me about Mesoplatinum, I was willing to try it.

I got on Mesoplatinum at the same time I started chemotherapy. I took three to four tablespoons per day every day. I also had chemotherapy, gemsar chemotherapy, which was a whole bag of stuff they put into me. This brought my white blood cell count so low that I had to give myself neutogen injections for five days after the treatment.

I took the treatments on and off for nine months (sometimes I had to stop or take breaks when my white cell count got too low). At the end of treatment (chemo and Mesoplatinum), they did an MRI, and found the cancer was really shrinking in the pancreas, and maybe even completely gone in the liver. They found a few tiny few spots on the liver, but they’re pretty sure they’re just scars and that no cancer is left in the liver at all.

In addition, my blood tests have really improved. What started at 210,000, went down to 16,000 and is now at 900. What started at 700 is now down to 24. That’s pretty dramatic improvement and the cancer shrunk so fast.

I credit Mesoplatinum with a number of things. I’m certain it contributed to my good results and contributed to my being alive today, more than a year after my diagnosis. I also did fine through the chemotherapy and only lost a little bit of hair. I also credit Mesoplatinum with how well I feel and look. Most people that have cancer, you can tell just by looking at them that they’re not in good shape. However, with me, nobody can tell that I’ve got it; everyone says I look as healthy as a horse. And I do. Even the color in my face is good and healthy-looking. But the most important thing is how well I feel. I do not feel like I have cancer, or that I had cancer. My husband and I bought a new house and have been doing a lot of work on it. I’m there with a saw and hammer. I’m out mowing the lawn. I do lots of work on the new house, and also keep up with every day things. I feel absolutely fine and healthy.

I haven’t had any chemotherapy for about five months now, but I still take the Mesoplatinum every day to maintain my health and wellness. My insurance won’t cover a PET scan, so the doctors can’t say with absolute certainty that the cancer is gone, but we know for sure it has shrunk significantly in the pancreas and there are just a few tiny dots that are probably scar tissue in the liver. I’ll go back in mid September for more blood work, so I’ll let you know those results when I know them. But, so far so good!

Carol W. age 58
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Re: pancreapic and liver cancer

Postby ssyou » Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:39 am


Is there more information available about liver pain? Just general. From what I've read it seems that there is a distinction between liver pain and other main in the upper-right abdominal area. What can cause liver pain and how do you tell the difference?

~ ss
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Re: pancreapic and liver cancer

Postby collyC » Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:19 pm

It’s good to know that you have discovered Mesoplatinum. You were very strong to face your illness. Hopefully, all cancer patients would be as strong like you.
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Re: pancreapic and liver cancer

Postby dorthywaggane » Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:25 pm

You have a very strong personality to face your problems, I salute you. Hope you can recover soon.
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Re: pancreapic and liver cancer

Postby CawleyR » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:17 am

I was wondering how you are doing? I am fighting tumors in my lungs from Thymoma and also a new tumor in my Liver that is growing quickly. Was wondering if I should take the Argentyn 23 silver?
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