Platinum, Silver and Lung Nodules

Platinum, Silver and Lung Nodules

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Platinum, Silver and Lung Nodules

My wife is a three-time survivor of breast and sternum cancer. She has been taking a teaspoon each daily of colloidal platinum and silver since we found out about Purest Colloids colloidal minerals two years ago. This was probably an insufficient dosage for my wife’s needs.

My wife gets CT scans several time a year to monitor her for potential cancer recurrences. For a long time, the CT reports have noted small nodules in her lungs, presumed benign because they were stable. Recently, a routine CT scan revealed that they had grown in size 20% in six months, suggesting possible cancerous activity.

The physician ordered a follow-up PET scan. (The largest nodule was 8 mm, of sufficient size to be detected by a PET scan).

During the three-week interim between scheduling the PET scan and getting the PET scan, my wife increased her colloidal platinum and silver doses to three or four tablespoons each daily,
and also nebulized platinum and silver ten minutes a day, taking the mist directly into her lungs.

After that three week period, she got the PET scan, which showed *no activity* in the lungs. The PET scan did pick up some activity in part of her hip, but her lungs are clear. The hip cancer is currently being treated with colloidal platinum, silver and copper, radiation, medication, essential oils and other modalities (but no chemo).

For those not familiar with the referenced procedures, a CT scan produces an Xray-like image, but multi-dimensional and multi-layered. The PET scan produces an image that highlights areas that take up glucose at a greater rate than normal cells would. (The glucose has a radioactive marker so that it can be detected by the equipment).

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