Exhaustion - mental and physical

Exhaustion - mental and physical

Postby Aysha Q. » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:06 am

I live in the flood zone of NYC and about one month after Sandy hit, I honestly considered
that I was dying from exhaustion - could barely complete a sentence or do
simple arithmetic in my head due to mental fatigue. A week of rest did
nothing. I feared it was sudden onset something-or-other. Then I
recalled I had 1/3 gallon of long-unused colloidal gold in the house. Half
awake, I poured a few ozs. (which I thought was too much but didn't want to
leave it sitting open) and drank it all). After that A.M. dose, I had a very
different day. . . . noticeably stronger, steadier, more focused,
optimistic. I continued taking about 3 ozs. a day for a couple of weeks and
started working my way down to about an ounce a day which is my current
dose. Obviously, I ordered more and have been sharing it with other flood
zone residents who were overwhelmed. People thank me for "the elixir". It
makes a great gift for the New Year. Thank you Purest Colloids.
Aysha Q.
New York, NY
Aysha Q.
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