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PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:44 pm
by Annabelle
I discovered the miraculous world of Colloidal Silver, through a UTI I suffered several years ago. It was a nightmare, as anyone who has had one knows. I'd never had one before and it went on for well over two months. A naturopath prescribed natural remedies, and when those didn't work, an antibiotic (which co-incidentally, she prescribed the wrong one for my particular strain of bacteria, before she got the lab results back showing her which strain I had. I saw my lab report and had researched UTIs enough by then, to know that "my" strain was "anti-biotic resistant" to the one I was prescribed). So now, not only did I still have a monster of an infection ruling my entire world, I now was dealing with depletion from the antibiotics, which completely messed my system up. Exhausting and depressing and painful.

In desperation I googled everything I could on UTI remedies, and came across info on Colloidal Silver, which I'd not heard of until then. Researching it I found a company in NJ, that presented information I connected with, and helped me cut through all the bad press I was reading, as well as the success stories. I took a chance, and ordered a bottle to be express shipped to me. Within hours of feeding it to my poor sad self, I felt the symptoms lifting. I took regular doses and within 36 hours, the symptoms that had been ruling my life, were dramatically reduced even more. If I remember correctly, I was completely cured WELL within 48- 72 hours, and my energy bounced back pretty dramatically. I never want to be without Silver Colloidal, EVER!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:10 pm
by Pen
To Peggy Radcliffe: Regarding your 88 year old mother and also the other older mothers out there with UTI problems. I use mesosilver for many things. I learned from my urologist an amazing fact: as we age our skin thins so much that bacteria (talking about those that cause UTI's now) from the colon penetrate the walls of the rectum and bladder and enter the bladder that way. No amount of bathing, etc., can prevent this from happening. He put me on vaginal estrogen to thicken the tissues in that area and that made the biggest difference in preventing UTI's. I could go months without one when I was getting them every month before (I am 86). If you use colloidal silver daily AND vaginal cream 2x week you will well-covered. I'm wondering now if there is a product for the men that serves to thicken tissues in that area?

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PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 11:10 pm
by carlos vaquero
Linda M wrote:I saw information on the internet about how well colloidal silver works to get rid of infections, so I bought Mesosilver for my husband who has had a urinary tract infection for three months.

At first, his mother had recommended cranberry concentrate so my husband tried this for one month to try to get rid of it. Once he stopped using the cranberry concentrate, the infection came back. So, he went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics for two weeks. (A culture was done so it was the right antibiotics.) Several days after that ended, the infection was back. Next, was another course of the same antibiotics, this time prescribed for a month. Halfway through, the symptoms were coming back even while he was taking the antibiotics. He was definitely losing the battle.

He started taking 2 tablespoons a day of Mesosilver and the infection was gone within weeks! We are so thankful.

Linda Moore
Wheeling, WV

HI Linda Thanks for sharing your success story.

How long did it took for your husband to start feeling good? or at least symptoms start clearing up?