Athlete's Foot Conquered

Athlete's Foot Conquered

Postby feliznavidad » Wed May 25, 2005 1:33 pm

I had a real problem with recurring athlete's foot. We like to go swimming, and using public facilities only aggravated the problem. I would go thhrough tube after tube of expensie OTC remedies which only sometimes worked. Once it got so bad, I develope "ick" and had to take antibiotics -- it was all over my feet and starting up my legs! IT seemd an endless problem --

But then I found silver colloidal -- and began spraying my feet. I have not had a single outburst of athlete's foot. It made my initial problem go away in just days. It is actually far cheaper to use than the OTCs. Cleaner and easier, too. Now I only spray once a day after my shower, and I have not had a case of athlete's foot for about a year! Still swim a lot too!

Bonus -- the toe nail fungus I thought I had to live with is nearly gone -- I'm sure after a bit more grows out, I'll be done with it! :D
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