Excellent Results

Excellent Results

Postby Reine Broussard » Thu May 27, 2004 11:10 am

I call Mesosilver my “miracle medicine”. I found out last May that I had Hepatitis C of the worst kind (Genotype 1B). I’d had elevated liver enzymes for years, but no one had ever tested for Hepatitis. I was pretty devastated when I got the diagnosis. I had seen someone in the advanced states of the disease and it was a pretty frightening future to look forward to . . . if there even was a future. In some ways, it was more like a death sentence. My viral load was at two million.

The doctors wanted to do all kinds of scary things, including a biopsy where they would take a chunk of the liver, or have me take all kinds of strong and scary drugs and treatments. I’ve always been into natural solutions and have always taken herbs, so I didn’t want to be killing myself with the drugs they were recommending. Looking for other solutions, I began to research Hepatitis on the Internet and came across colloidal silver. I remember a friend having a good experience with it years ago and so I thought I’d give it a try. When I did further research on the kind of colloidal silver to get, I found out that the smallest particles possible and the heaviest concentration of particles were the most beneficial. Since I had a heavy dose Hepatitis C, I figured I’d better take the strongest and best available silver, which is why I chose Mesosilver.

I started taking 4 TBS daily of Mesosilver a little over a month ago. I had been feeling really bad. I had no energy and could hardly get out of bed. I didn’t really expect results right away because I had been told it usually takes about 90 days, but as soon as I started taking the Mesosilver, I started feeling better. Suddenly I could get up and do things again.

Anyway, then I went to the doctor. They took some tests and could not believe the results. They called me from the doctor’s office, and they were so excited because my viral load was down from two million to 1500, and my liver enzymes were normal. . . not just low, but completely normal, which was the most shocking part of the results. My doctor kept saying, “This is unbelievable!” When I told him what I was taking, he had never heard of colloidal silver, but he said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

My tests results are great and I’m feeling much better. I even look so much better. My skin looks better, my hair looks better . . . even my fingernails look good! Thank you for giving me my life back! Please let other people know about this, so they can get well too.

Reine Broussard
Porter, Texas
Reine Broussard

Postby Raymond P » Thu May 27, 2004 11:11 am

I’ve had Hepatitis C for 19 years. Over the years, I’ve tried so many different things, that when I started taking the colloidal silver in April, I wasn’t very optimistic, but I immediately started to notice a difference. By about the third dose, I started to notice a tingling in my legs where I had had nerve damage resulting in sensory paralysis. Then I began to have a lot more energy and my endurance was much improved. Before the silver, I’d maybe have one decent day in a week, if that. Everything was a huge effort, it was a job just getting out of bed and I just didn’t want to do anything. Some days, I couldn’t even get out of bed. Now I have a lot more energy and haven’t had a “washed out” day for quite awhile. I’m much more clear headed, and that sort of foggy-headed, fatigued, not-hitting-on all-cylinders-feeling is gone. I have back my mental clarity, my energy and my ambition again. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.

I’ve been suffering from this disease for years, and the colloidal silver really helps. Even my liver enzyme tests, which were 3X normal are now normal. I can’t believe this stuff is out there to help everyone who is suffering, and yet they sort of sweep it under the rug. It’s easily available, easy to take, easy to get and has no side effects. I guess because the pharmaceutical companies can’t make a killing on it, they don’t want it known, but I really want to get the word out that colloidal silver can really help people with Hepatitis C.

Raymond P.
Shalimar, FL
Raymond P

Postby Frank Aloy » Thu May 27, 2004 11:12 am

Just wanted to let you know the results with the Mesosilver are very good. About 90% of the constant swelling on my right side is gone and I have much more energy than I've had in a long time. I must admit I was skeptical at first but decided to do it anyway. My most outstanding reason for taking the chance was the reality of medical care in our country: if a treatment isn't sponsored by BIG MONEY it won't get promoted.

Ever since I became Hepatitis C positive I've read much information about alternative treatments and always felt it was somewhat tainted by the financial incentive of the web site owner. This perspective has made me very reluctant to purchase many products and it's also the reason I chose your product. I did read ALL the information and did my best to understand the available specifications. You product won, hands down!

Frank Aloy
Fountain Valley, CA
Frank Aloy

Postby April » Thu May 27, 2004 11:12 am

I contracted Hepatitis C many years ago and it has been in remission since. Then about 6 weeks ago, a reoccurrence hit me like a Mack truck. All the life went out of me; I was so sick that when I went to the doctor, they found me hunched over in the waiting room because I could not stay awake. I went to the doctor on a Friday afternoon and they told me they had to take my blood and couldn’t do anything until the following Monday. My daughter was so scared about my condition that she went on the Internet. She found information about Mesosilver and started reading the testimonials. When she showed them to me, I just said, “Get some!” Within 20 minutes after taking my first tablespoon of Mesosilver, I started to feel better. I upped my dosage to the 4 tablespoons recommended and kept feeling better and better. Then, on about day four, my urine turned a bright orange color and I got scared about what was going on. But then I realized it was just that the Mesosilver had pulled all the poisons out of me, and they were just coming out in my urine.

The difference in how I felt was noticeable. About a week later, I got a bad case of poison ivy that I couldn’t get rid of and went back to the doctor’s office. The doctor couldn’t believe the difference in the space of one week!. He wanted all the information about Mesosilver, as did my pharmacists and so many other people, that I finally got tired of downloading the information from the web site and just told people to look it up themselves. All I can say is Mesosilver saved my life. I am so happy this product came into my life and I thank God for it. I feel really good now and I would do whatever I could to help get the word out.

April Gower Rhodes, Age 51
Florence Alabama

Miraculous Results

Postby Evelyn P » Thu May 27, 2004 11:13 am

My son had miraculous results with the Colloidal Silver helping his Hepatitis C. He’s a completely new man – “back from the dead” as he describes it.

Evelyn Piatt, age 73
Pensacola, FL and Oakland, NJ
Evelyn P

Postby Jodi Menard » Thu May 27, 2004 11:14 am

I had been feeling really ill, to the point of not being able to function. My skin was yellow, I was swollen, I couldn’t focus, I felt confused, had weird bumps on my skin, was extremely depressed and couldn’t even do simple things like pay my bills. I went to a doctor who specialized in functional medicine and after a blood test, she told me that I had Hepatitis C, with a viral load of about 600,000. She recommended some supplements, which didn’t seem to have much effect. After researching Hepatitis treatments on the Internet, I began taking Mesosilver and the results were dramatic. Within a week or two of taking it, I felt dramatically better.

Jodi Menard
Kenner, Louisiana
Jodi Menard

Postby Ken Scott » Tue Jun 01, 2004 10:33 am

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2001. When I got the diagnosis, I was told that I had probably had the disease for as long as 20 years. My viral loads were dangerously high. I took the Inteferon/Rebetol combination and it worked well, but then the Hepatitis came back with a vengeance. My viral load soared and kept going up, and I was feeling really bad. My doctor didn’t want to increase the dosage of the medications or have me do another round, so he basically told me I had to learn to live with the Hepatitis and that I should just try to enjoy the next ten years of my life. I’m only 54 years old, and that made me really mad.

Then, out of nowhere, my wife happened to remember that when her daughter had gotten seriously ill as a baby and nothing could help her, they tried colloidal silver and it had cured her. My wife began researching colloidal silver on the computer and came across Mesosilver. We also found some colloidal silver in our local health food store, but that had only 3ppm of silver and Mesosilver has 20 ppm, so I was anxious to try the stronger stuff. When my wife handed me the printed pages and the testimonials from the Mesosilver site, I just said, “Get me the phone, I’m calling this guy right away!

When I spoke to Frank Key to order my first Mesosilver, he asked me to get a viral load count before I started using it, but I didn’t want to wait. I was so sick and feeling so bad, I just wanted to get started on anything that could help me. I do know that before starting on the Mesosilver, my viral loads were very high, from around 875,00 to as high as one million at one point.

Anyway, I started taking Mesosilver (4 TBS per day before breakfast) and over a three day period, my viral load dropped to 275,000! The next blood test, which was a couple of weeks later, showed my count down to 1500! The doctor could hardly believe what he was seeing and his wife, who is a nurse and also manages his practice, could hardly believe it either. The results were just awesome. I have another blood test in mid January and I can’t wait to see the results.

The recovery is really miraculous, and I feel so much better. I was so tired and so sick for so long; I was missing work, feeling lousy, and on my way down to the bottom of the barrel. Now I’m just full of energy. I haven’t felt this good since I was in my mid 30s!
I really feel this is miraculous in many ways and feel it is a gift from the Lord that we found this treatment and that the results have been so awesome. I am so grateful.

Ken Scott, Age 54
Exeter, PA
Ken Scott

Are results Real?

Postby bigotex » Sat Oct 23, 2004 7:49 pm

I have been infected for probably 25 years. I am starting to develop HC symptoms and am think about trying silver...the DR. wants me to do the PEG treatment. How are you felling these days ?

Postby ChrisLHP » Wed Oct 27, 2004 9:12 pm

You could try the MesoSilver for 90 days and see if it does anything for you. It certainly will be a lot more pleasant than going on the prescription medication, and depending on how advanced the HCV is, it might not hurt to delay the experience for that period of time. Good luck.
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Postby Lori L. » Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:17 pm

Hi Reine. Wow! I like to read your post over and over because it is so very encouraging. I am new to this and have been taking Mesosilver for about a month now. I have a little more energy, my viral load was 1,000,100. I'm wondering how long I should wait till I go for another viral load test, and I was wondering , if you want to tell me, what is your geno-type. I'm hoping that you'll reply to me . Thank-you very much, Sincerely L.L.
Lori L.
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