Mesoplatinum helped my 14 day headache

Mesoplatinum helped my 14 day headache

Postby PJC128 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:08 pm

I had a 14 day headache that was part of a withdrawal of tapering off of an antidepressant. I wanted to get off of it after 10 years. Andrea and i have been friends for a long time and she poured me some mesoplatinum and said drink this. I will admit i was a skeptic at first. I tried other over the counter medicines with no relief. The Mesoplatinum cured my headache. I am now antidepressant free and am taking the mesogold which helped me get off of the antidepressant. I will tell you about my mesogold on the gold part of the forum. I am a very happy me because of it. I am a believer now. :D
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